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About Sport Massage

Thai massage makes an excellent form of sports massage due to the element of stretching that is unique to this modality. At Thai Sabai we combine traditional sports medicine techniques with Thai massage to help athletes achieve peak performance.

Sports massage, as distinguished from regular massage, focuses more attention on the specific areas of the body that are impacted by each sport. Runners, for example, tend to develop Achilles tendonitis, plantar faciaitis, and ITB syndrome. Tennis players are prone to develop elbow and knee problems, while cyclists suffer from low-back pain, neck problems and wrist strain.


Sports massage also differs from regular massage in that cross-fiber work is used in addition to massage along the length of the muscle to release the build up of lactic acid.


Sports massage can be beneficial as a part of ongoing training, pre-event, and immediately following big events and competitions. The technique and emphasis is varied accordingly.


Benefits of Sports Massage:

Improved performance (tense muscles are weak and inefficient)

Faster recovery from intensive workouts and big events

Reduced risk of injury (tight muscles and tendons are more prone to injury)

Management of developing problems so they do not become worse

Faster recovery from injuries (improved circulation speeds healing)

At Thai Sabai, we have worked with marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, tennis players, skiers, badminton players, kick boxers, and athletes from most other sports.


Over the past several years we have been pleased to work with members of the L.A. Leggers, L.A. Roadrunners, Team in Training, and many other sports clubs in the greater Los Angeles area.


Sasivipa, our senior masseuse, has more than 20 years experience as a sports medicine nurse and massage therapist for both professional and amateur athletes in Thailand and the U.S.

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